Memphis Belle: The story of a flying fortress (1944)

The specialty of misinformation is often represented by this shot from the documentary entitled: "The Memphis Belle: a story of a flying fortress". The document dates back to 1944. At the 15th minute about is shown what, if we dont' pay attention, seems a series of condensation trails and indeed even in the film are defined as such.

We don't know if this documentary is a sophisticated fraud, but, even if it's not t a hoax, it soon becomes obvious an important detail: the "condensation trails" grow immediately next to discharges of engines. Also, it seems that some trails are produced by discharges of combustion engines of aircrafts, but by other adjacent equipments (nozzles?).

Let's see what writes the notorious hoaxer of chemtrails:

[...] "In the case of normal contrails condensation, i.e. steam which creates needles of ice, the trail forms always behind the engine, which typically is a few tens of meters (if it's very cold can be 5-10 meters). If instead it is sprayed from the plane, starting from different locations, it will begin immediately ". These statements cannot be questioned, because they come from a Italian famous hoaxer.

In addition to this we must emphasize again that the bombers of the Second world war, after being fully loading to accomplish their mission, were not able to operate at high altitudes and often not exceeded, operating in flight, the 6.000 feet above sea level. We know that the contrails cannot absolutely be formed lower than 8,000 meters. Then what does this video show? One of the first operations of aerosols in history? Perhaps, unless we are faced with yet another well-designed spurius document.

In the end, we ask another question ...

Is credible the temperature stated in the documentary by voiceover, if, as anyone can see, the crrew of the fortress doesn't show any traces of rime on their face, notwithstandong the strong streams from outside? How to explain the absence of pressurization over 8,000 meters? It is clear that those shootings were not been performed at high altitude and then there is the suspicion that the trails shown in the video are not ondensation trails, but just another manipulation.

To be exposed to a wind of 60 km/h at a temperature of 5 Celsius is like to be exposed to a environmental temperature lower than 10 Celsius. This, of course, is of great importance for the body as the face.

Prolonged exposure to cold may determine a condition of hypothermia. Hypothermia occurs when the body temperature falls below 35 c. The symptoms are serious for survival when the body temperature is 27-24 c. Freezing occurs for skin surface temperatures below -2 C. In order to freeze the exposed parts of the body requires a temperature at least equivalent at – 30 C. The risk of freezing for naked parts starts already in an environment temperature of-5 C if exposed to a wind of 60 km/h or to –10 C with a wind of 30 km/h.

The B-17 flyed normally around 300 km/h with tangency of 6,000-8,000 meters, most often around 7200-7800 m. Without bombs, the B-17 could climb over 10,000 meters or accelerate to about 500 kilometers per hour, but, because of the absence of pressurization, these altitudes could not be maintained for a long time. In addition to machine guns, also saliva in oxygen masks freezed, because of low temperatures.

In those years, the U.S. Air Corps considered the altitude of 20,000 feet (6096 m) as a high flight altitude and sure from fire coming from the ground. Consequently, the equipment was designed to operate at temperatures normally pertaining to that altitude.